1. Steevo

    Why won’t Brits pick vegetables for £30 an hour?

    Why won’t Brits pick vegetables for £30 an hour? Agricultural wages are rising sharply, but farmers struggle to find staff. How hard can the work be? ByHelen Chandler-Wilde17 October 2021 • 5:00am News Headlines News stories personally picked just for you Sign up Last year, with the pandemic...
  2. Direct Driller Magazine

    From ‘No Hope in Heck’ to Regenerative No-Tilling

    From ‘No Hope in Heck’ to Regenerative No-Tilling Ian and Dianne Haggerty are using the concepts of “Natural Intelligence Farming” to build a regenerative enterprise focused on zero tillage, livestock integration and biologically sourced inputs that boost their soil resources and...
  3. Guiggs

    Working ram lambs

    I've got 50 odd broken ewes, mainly welsh breeds, that I've decided are fit enough to lamb once more. I've was going to buy a ram lamb to cover them as it's a small number but 3 breeders have now told me that's too many ewes for a lamb to cover and he should only work 20- 25 ish. That doesn't...
  4. J


    Hi everyone, after some advice please 10 days I had a group of 35 calves (4-7 months old) outside in a small field with shelter, all fine one day, next day a limo was on deaths door with pneumonia. Got the vet out and ended up bringing the rest in as they were all coughing and panting, treated...
  5. Ysgythan

    And who could argue with this?

  6. M

    Pie in the sky Ideas

    Is it pie in the sky stuff to have ambitions of running your own contracting business in a specialised area one day with a yard and maybe a small amount of farmland for yourself? Seems like the big contracting boys have most areas covered and land and machinery is super expensive. Wouldn't...
  7. Chae1

    Shearwell software providers move to Scoteid

    Any other users of shearwell farmworks cattle data frustrated by there failure to have software updated to communicate births, movements and deaths to Scoteid after BCMS stopped? The changeover date was the 4th of October, they have had months to prepare and haven't got anything in place...
  8. B'o'B

    Buy a big pig.

    I, and I would guess many others on here, would be able to sort out an oversized pig or 2. These are strange times, is it time to try and come together and set up something that saves needless waste and gives some money to pig produces? I know it would likely be only a tiny fraction of the pork...
  9. jerseycowsman

    Badger proofing a shed

    We have a shed with one open side, the feed barriers. How far up does the netting or whatever need to be to keep the APHA vets happy that it is badger proof?
  10. Just because

    Fert prices and stocking rates

    Are people thinking of cutting back on stocking rates due to fertilize prices and other rising costs??
  11. LandWanted

    Sell Your Land Without Paying Extortionate Estate Agent Fees

    If you've got a plot of land for sale, up to £30,000 in value, don't get stung by extortionate estate agent fees. Sell it directly to me instead and save a small fortune. I'm looking for a plot of agricultural land or woodland, a grass paddock or grazing land, in a beautiful area where I can...
  12. Macsky

    Post dipping thrive

    If there is no discernible challenge from any external parasite beforehand, how come stock seem to thrive after a good dipping? Placebo for the shepherd?
  13. E

    Farming family's anguish as 220 lambs taken by sea eagles
  14. M

    Brexit is destroying Britain I saw this and thought of some of you.
  15. Matt

    GS4 legume and herb mixes v's a PRG grazing ley

    The people who have planted a GS4 option how are you finding they are performing against a decent grazing ley? Drought resistance/tolerance better I assume? Take Nitrogen prices out of the equation as any crop that doesn't need that looks more attractive at present. we would be medium clay...
  16. P

    Wanted 1 acre land with road access

    Hi I am looking to purchase up to 1 acre land for storage can offer up to £10,000 cash Thank you
  17. P

    problem with an Electric Fence

    Hi. I've been using an electric fence for many decades with out any significant problems. Using 240 volt PEL with 2.5mm high tensile wire for about 1.5 Kilometers. Recently my new neighbour installed an electric fence on our boundary using good quality standoffs and connectors. However he has...
  18. 7610 super q

    Sustainable farming.

    What is it ? I hear the phrase a lot, from DEFRA ministers, to well meaning numpties on my village FB page who've watched 3 episodes of Countryfile...... Traditional mixed farming ? Expensive no till drills, and trampling perfectly good grass into the ground ? Organic farming ? A mix of...
  19. DairyGrazing

    Clover in silage/grazing ground?

    Of the acres we have down to grass all but 10 acres is grazed but we do have dedicated silage fields that get grazed as the season goes. Some get grazed well into the new year depending on the year. Some of the fields can be wet but not heavy soil types and docks are an issue. I take it theres...
  20. W

    Ram with urethral obstruction

    Bought a breeding ram at a sale last Saturday, looks like he’s got a urethral obstruction (calculi) not seen any hard feed since coming here just been on a little grass paddock, in my limited experience of this in fat lambs it’s never a good outcome. Question is should he be covered by the...