1. N

    Dog walking land wanted

    Hi there, have posted before but thought I’d say hello again. We are progressing with our franchise model for secure off lead dog parks and have recently been featured on TV for our professionalism in improving and growing the sector. You can see the TV clip here . With your help we are...
  2. beardface

    Leader follower grazing

    Anyone practising leader follower grazing with sheep(leader) and cattle(follower)? For those that are, are you doing in on herbal/diverse leys?
  3. M

    Looking For Work Looking for work Shropshire

    I am self employed farm worker who is looking for a harvest position or other similar farm rolls. I have experience on working on farms from 600ac-6,000 acre on arable & livestock. I have PA1&2, B+E & forklift tickets. I have experience in cultivations, harvest operations, silage & hay...
  4. S

    sheep with a nervous twitch

    got two easycare sheep keeping the alpaca company ,,, one has but not all the time started putting its head down and jerkly stamping its back legs been on and off for a few days but more on sunny days ? no change in diet and no strange plants in the paddock that have not been there in the last...
  5. F

    Grass Big Bales and Kale outwintering

    I'm thinking of keeping a small suckler herd out until Christmas to save on slurry storage! I have seen ppl place bales out in the field of kale ready for the winter. What balance of kale to silage do you recommend?
  6. tr250

    What would you do with this calf’s leg

    Born by itself 2 weeks old we thought it would come normal in a few days but it’s not. Nothing is broken and it can walk ok but will it get worse
  7. Ukjay


    Hi, Apologies, but the search function threw my search out as being too short or contained to common words.... Anyhoo, is orf contagious to people, and what treatments are used to treat symptoms in lambs. Not ours, but doing some fencing for a neighbour today - they told me they had taken...
  8. jd6110

    16month in calf heifer

    As title getting ready to let cattle out an noticed limo heifer springin and heavy🤔😩 of course she’s not the biggest and def not the quietest. What would ye recommend to feed her wit till she calves were guessin month plus or minus away? Hav some hay left an could leave her on bare paddock but...
  9. H

    Will we be ploughing for re seeding in the future?

    With farmers taking the blame for wrecking the planet do you think we will be ploughing up permanent grassland to re seed?
  10. J

    Low fpd

    I'm hoping someone can offer me some help, my fpd has been sailing close to the cut off for a while now but the last few collections it's been very low about 504 usually. This has only happened since3the cows have been grazing more grass (been turned into the silage fields) said fields are a...
  11. S

    Spring Re-Seed - Too dry

    Evening all, Another dry spring, following on into summer we are finding it difficult to establish a good re seed in the spring following on from turnip ground grazed by fattening hoggs. The grass isn't getting away and in turn the weed burden is becoming a problem. It's a medium/long term ley...
  12. L

    New parklands and wood pasture

    I’m a university student in the UK and I’m designing a holistic farming system. I’ve come across parklands and want to know how many hectares of new parkland would support 100 cattle.
  13. jerseycowsman

    Is it going to rain again or is this 1976 mark 2??

    As the title says!
  14. paul&mandy

    what are pet lambs worth?

    We usually we keep them all but got someone after a few. How much each?
  15. M

    Farms for sale

    As we enter into the busy time of year for farm sales, is everyone seeing an increase in farms in the local area or are people sitting tight? Recent years have seen a drop in farm sales with uncertainty surrounding Brexit and Farm support. Now with all this a lot more certain, will we see an...
  16. F

    Wild Flowers

    Is it legal to dig up and replant wild flowers on your own land? We have a patch of woodland bought a couple of years ago. It was planted by the previous owner under a 25 year grant and I can remember it previously as a bit of a scrubby paddock. So there are basically no wild flowers growing...
  17. A

    Indoor lambing set up costs

    I know it’s a pretty expansive question but how many lambs do you think you save lambing a cheviot flock inside v outside. Trying to work out how long it would take to pay off the extra costs for lambing inside (eg gates, hurdles, feeders etc)
  18. M

    Lump Sum Exit Scheme

    With the consultation due out on the exit scheme next week, is anyone interested in taking this payment and what would it need to be to incentivise you?
  19. Bald Rick

    Farming and the ageing process

    Comments in the H&S thread got me thinking as I’m now within a few months of turning 60. I suppose I am increasingly a bit of a liability. I won’t drive tractors unless forced to but any machine has to be hitched on for me; Mechanical jobs take me longer as I like to get everything just so -...