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    Consultations – Red Tractor responds to combinable crop concerns

    Written by Tom Allen-Stevens With a consultation underway for Red Tractor Food Assurance, concerns over its direction have risen to the surface. Many farmers understandably question why protocols appear to be tightening for home-grown produce with little requirement of the same on imports. CPM...
  2. Ducati899

    Deceiving the consumer

    Bought what we presumed was 100% British (Somerset) Gammon steaks today from a local shop..... but it would seem not once we spotted a label underneath the top one,which although blurry says “midland meat company made using EU&British pork”
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    HRP: The current and future role of Farm Assurance Schemes

    As part of my final year dissertation I am investigating the current and future role of Farm Assurance Schemes within the agricultural industry. I am looking to get views from all stakeholders within the supply chain. I would be very grateful if you could spare 5 minutes to complete my survey...
  4. S

    Any non uk farmers

    Please could any farmers not in the uk please tell me if to sell their grain do they need to be members of any assurance scheme. please tag any non uk forum members to this post please @Blaithin, hope you don’t mine me taging you. I believe you work in the Canadian grain trade, do farmer in...
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    Red Tractor Fight, Campaign Resources

    Everyone, we're making real progress here. Many of you have been writing letters to all the quangos. Let's step this up a bit, and make use of these letters/emails. This purpose of this thread is simply to upload any letters you've written, so that everyone else can simply copy and paste into...
  6. D

    Meat, dairy and travel

    All over the news today, the three things that will be taxed to save the planet. And what do you expect, when you are all quite happy for your national bodies to go around saying that you cause 5% of all UK GHG emissions, or 10%, or whatever this weeks figure plucked out of the air by the...
  7. G

    Reasons for AHDB to withdraw funding from Red Tractor

    In my personal opinion, AHDB should withdraw funding and support for the Assured Food Standards Red Tractor scheme. I think we should write a letter to AHDB, setting out why we think this should be the case. Individuals can then put their signature to the letter. I'm thinking a letter, rather...
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    Letter to Agricultural Industries Confederation about UK produced cereals

    This email has gone to Simon Williams AIC Technical Manageer for FEMAS, FIAS and UFAS assurance schemes. Mr Williams has acknowledged the email and says AIC will consider its contents and respond in due course. Dear Mr Williams, I am writing on behalf of a group of UK cereal farmers. We have...
  9. pycoed

    Wild Cows

    If you thought their bulls were bad...o_O
  10. D

    Red tractor consultation on standards

    Firstly aplolgies. I've tried to go through the red tractor thread on the other section but it just looks like it relates to arable. What do people think of the new standards trying to be imposed? Fair or going over the top? With all the data they are trying to get why aren't they setting up...
  11. W


    I don’t like slating anyone involved in ag, but the Guy smith reply to the red tractor debate was dire. of course they have to mix products and that is why we are fed up with this nonsense of being gold plated for us and not for everyone else who supply’s part of the supply chain. Guy smith...
  12. Bossfarmer

    How much debt to take on poll!

    money is cheap just now and it seems if I'm ever going to upgrade facilities on the farm/buy additional land now would be the time to do so, this will take substantial investment but could look like money well spent by the time its paid off with inflation, I'm looking for a bit of bare land if...
  13. Jackov Altraids

    How the supermarkets came to own UK agriculture

    I don't know much about horticulture, but I guess it started there. Fruit and vegetable contracts being offered which led to a consolidation of producers and limited marketing opportunities. Enticing contracts which offered some safety from the ever volatile pork prices means there is virtually...
  14. paul&mandy

    Griffith's tipping trailer value

    It's not the best photo but it's a sound trailer, brakes and lights work and still on original tyres. It's a 10ton with manual door. What should it be worth privately?
  15. Gator

    Dog Signs

    As the title, going to get some dog signs made up, been round this morning and theres dogs all over, luckily all ewes are in but just gimmers out, some folk are fine when asked to put them on a lead but others need to meet Billy Bat :banghead: .Get the same old story of oh my dogs fine it...
  16. Steevo

    Channel 5 now - British food!

    Might be worth a watch. Especially given RT debate.
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    ‘Banning solid urea would discriminate against farmers in England’ – NFU

    Written by William Kellett The National Farmers’ Union (NFU) believes an industry-regulated approach to the use of solid urea fertiliser will allow farmers in England to keep using this vital product to help grow the nation’s food, while cutting ammonia emissions significantly at the same time...
  18. G

    Red Tractor and Halal

    Maybe someone can enlighten me. Am I correct in thinking that Red Tractor allows RT assured farms to sell their stock into non-stun slaughterhouses? (i.e. the RT standards don't specifically stop their members selling to these markets).
  19. 7610 super q

    100,000 and counting....

    So where did it all go wrong ? From the comfort of my armchair, let the criticism begin. Too late with the first lockdown. Too quick ending the first lockdown. All planes should have been grounded since last February. fudgeing " get back to normal " crap over the summer, packed beaches, illegal...