1. Bossfarmer

    Do you ROTATIONALLY GRAZE your livestock? and if not, why?

    As im often told on here there are numerous benefits to rotationally grazing livestock so is everyone doing it? and if not why? what are the downsides im not hearing about as when i drive across the country i rarely see it!
  2. T

    Cranesbill in winter barley

    I’ve got a problem with large cranesbill in winter barley. The barley was direct drilled into wheat stubble which had received 4L/ha glyphosate a few days prior to drilling. Unfortunately it would appear that large cranesbill won’t die from glyphosate. I’ve now got dinner plate sized cranesbill...
  3. Manney

    Ral code for Fendt 818 grey paint?

    I'm having a few panels blast and resprayed on my 818. Can anyone tell me what the ral code is for the grey paint that is used on the body panels and chassis.
  4. onesiedale

    "The best purchased farm inputs come coiled up"

    Couple of conversations on TFF last few days have had people thinking about farm inputs. Are the best inputs "coiled up" , "in a tin" , "home grown" , or should they just "fall from the sky" ? What's your best input? I think water pipe and electric fencing.
  5. Jockers84

    Regional words, terms and phrases.

    Good afternoon, I've been a long term follower of the farming forum, as a new start some of the things I've learnt have been truly priceless. One thing that has struck me though, is every so often I will find a word, term or phrase that I'm just not 100% on what it means. This isn't limited to...
  6. FarmerD89

    Neighbours beans migrated to our grass leys

    Strange situation this afternoon on our walks fairly clean old grass ley we sprayed the start of this year with PasTor noticed a singular bean plant had established itself, thought nothing more of it, then spent four hours pulling beans from over an 8 acre field ( multiples of beans in one spot)...
  7. D

    infiltration doesn't work

    Obviously it does work. What I mean is that trying to achieve infiltration doesn't work. Or rather, it doesn't here. I've read all[1] the books, seen talks about how Gabe Brown et al just get all the rainwater to infiltrate away in 5 minutes, and how valuable every drop of that water is, and...
  8. A

    Sage or wise advice in farming.

    There must be thousands of gems which are worth sharing. For those of you who can recall Sir Alec Douglas Home - or Lord Home: His manager - Andrew Morrow, on his Angus and Douglas Estate in Lanarkshire, and after a period of heavy rain and during a visit by Sir Alec, advised ''If M'Lord...
  9. H

    River Lugg, Herefordshire
  10. phr49

    Beet yields 2020

    How are we finding early yields did see some optimism on FWI site saying yields better than anticipated ........?!BS predicting 10-15% reduction in yields as an average . Had a colleague lift a fair tonnage Norfolk way with a disappointing 18 t acre adjusted . Not looking forward to lifting...
  11. scrubbuster

    Grass seedbed

    Neighbour is coming to sow grass with an Opico harrow tomorrow onto ploughing. Its was levelled with paddle rollers. Its reasonably firm but I am going to heavy flat roll it after. I am just wondering would I be safer to heavy roll before hand? Will sowing onto cambridge rolling and then flat...
  12. A

    Cost of rent per acre

    Hi I am looking to rent land for cattle and sheep and have very little clue about how much I should be paying per acre per year. I’ve been told I’m paying a lot at the moment and heard very contradicting things! I am based in Gloucestershire/ Wiltshire so was wondering if anyone could give me...
  13. 6


    We have a serious problem with rushes. Just wondering if anyone can advise on the best treatment methods before going out to spend a fortune on the wrong thing. Many thanks
  14. Kiwi Pete

    "Improving Our Lot" - Planned Holistic Grazing, for starters..

    :oops: Eh up! The idea of starting a thread about Holistic management has been on my mind for ages, if I am honest. Lets start by me putting my cards on the table - I have NO formal training, NO books, and NO interest in starting big wars on which way is best. I do, however, completely and...
  15. The Ruminant

    Where have all the flowers gone?

    A really fascinating article about woodland and fencing: <STARTS> Kate Holl, our woodland advisor, searches for the answer by exploring woodland in our neighbouring countries through a Churchill Fellowship. Woodland on Isle of Mull in 2012. My Churchill Fellowship really began back in 2012...
  16. Kevtherev

    Traditional mixed Farming

    Lot of doom and gloom on here regarding the removal of subs brexit etc etc Bringing back mixed Farming with livestock in the arable rotation is the way forward I believe. No doubt some will disagree? Fert and fancy Machinery will be first to suffer.
  17. Farmer Roy

    Farmer Roy's Random Thoughts - I never said it was easy.

    Mod Note: New thread created by moving some posts. Haha - every second post on TFF seems to be about problems with townies, cyclists, dog walkers, trespassers etc etc The further from all that the better I reckon I couldn't cope with having non farming neighbours . . .
  18. C

    Weaving GD user thread

    Thought it would be useful to gain some knowledge from other weaving GD users out there to share experiences / problems / solutions. I'll start.....anyone else had problems with blocked coulters? I've had a lot. It's been on the wetter side of ideal, but still good drilling conditions. It's got...
  19. S

    Weed wiping questions

    What months of the year can you weed wipe and what sort of price are the big weed wipers that go behind a tractor . Ta.
  20. Cows 'n grass

    All things Dairy

    Last week i upgraded my phone from a Nokia nearly as old as me to the cheapest smartphone on the market so now i have the TFF App and find myself taking photos of everything. So i thought I'd start a dairy specific picture thread where people can post pics of cows, calves, bulls, parlours...