1. S

    1year old merlo written off because of seized engine!

    I have just had my weekly view of Hewitt salvage auction and I am surprised to see a one year old merlo written off because of seized engine ... surely would have been cheaper to replace engine??
  2. Steevo

    A4 MFC Laser Printer

    Any recent recommendations from anyone on here? Been a fan of Brother inkjets previously but no experience of their lasers. Any good value, reliable brands? Took a look back at some old threads because I remember plenty of people have said buy a printer, use the supplied toner cartridges, then...
  3. Rabbit Wolverine

    User opinions on a MF 9305 Xtra telwhandler

    Just looking at one of these and have heard they are generally good machines, however, they lack dump angle and the rear pickup can't pick up a loaded trailer, are these comments correct? What do others think of them?
  4. G

    NH T7 Cross shaft leak

    Noticed the cross shaft dripping oil yesterday. Is it going to be expensive or is there a seal in there that might be to blame ?
  5. W

    Case optum. Punching well above its weight

    Sold our old jd 8530 (brilliant tractor) but have to say our new optum 300 is a beast a real pocket rocket. Replaced the 8530 and does the same heavy draft jobs but also nimble enough on a 18 tonne trailer or 3 m mower. Really impressed
  6. cows sh#t me to tears

    500 hr review of JCB 542-70 agripro.

  7. melted welly

    2nd hand replacement tractor

    Don’t like buying stuff, enjoy the end result, don’t like the process. looking to replace a tractor with something in the 170/180hp range ideally no more than £70/75k so in the 4-6000hr area. Few key criteria: 6cyl Ideally vario Not too heavy Manoeuvrable (for traile planter) Comfy cab, decent...
  8. W

    Ram with urethral obstruction

    Bought a breeding ram at a sale last Saturday, looks like he’s got a urethral obstruction (calculi) not seen any hard feed since coming here just been on a little grass paddock, in my limited experience of this in fat lambs it’s never a good outcome. Question is should he be covered by the...
  9. D

    Is the machinery trade in trouble?

    No specific manufacturer but just generally is the trade in trouble? New machinery prices are unviable unless you are farming thousands of acres running a minimal line up of equipment that you run hard. I've had a few items I wanted to move on and the trade offered 40-50% under the true values...
  10. B

    How Long Have You Had a Vehicle Battery Last?

    Just wondered others experiences, i know if a vehicle is not used say daily the battery will gradually discharge and best cource is to have a trickle charge set up for that ? but speaking to the trade they recon that if a commercial battery lasts more than 3 years your doing OK? Best batteries...
  11. I

    MF148 PTO operation

    Hi I have an MF148 with multi power that was my grandads and I’m unsure of the PTO setup it has as It doesn’t make sense from the research I’ve been doing. The PTO only has two positions (on and off) and says on the sticker above it ‘Independent’ but it also has a dual clutch. If I push the...
  12. D

    Kramer vs JCB

    Reviewing loader options at the moment. a decent 2nd hand JCB (531 - 70) about 3 y r old with 3-4000 on the clock is mid 40's a new one is about £80k im told how do Kramer compare? prices seem similar new. will do about 500 hrs per annum mostly loading lorries and yard work. was looking at...
  13. R

    Is John Deere Plus-50 oil worth it

    About to service my JD 6300...just wondering what peoples thoughts are on using JD plus-50 oil or just go with a good grade 15w-40? Cheers.
  14. G

    Guy Smith's response to FW article on AIC rules.

    What's he talking about. I don't get his argument. We say we want AIC to allow UK grain to have same intake requirements as imports. Guy is waffling on about government, neonics, and watering down RT rules to lowest common denominator is bad. We're not talking about lowering RT rules, we're...
  15. M

    Manitou 630 starting problems

    Brand new Manitou 630 that doesn't always start. Maybe once in every three attempt. Sometimes it fires and then stops, sometimes it has an ECU fault, or "Engine too hot" fault despite being cool. Dealer mechanic had a look but basically shrugged and said "too many electronics". Has anyone got...
  16. Spudmaster

    Class Arion users - any good?

    Had a 660 on demo last week and was quite impressed - in particular from a ride perspective and general feel on the road with almost car like steering. Could be tempted as first quote actually reasonable. i don’t know anybody running these, so keen to gauge opinion from those that do. It’s...

    New telehandler time

    What’s the thinking on new handlers now? Ive a Merlo 32.6 that’s due refreshing 1000hr ish a year but don’t like the look of these new deadman switches that seem to be coming in. Is this all over the new market board or just Merlo? Would be thinking along the lines of a 42.7 or 38.10. Any...
  18. M

    Tractor and driver for hire

    Hi there, I’m looking into buying a tractor to hire into the uk with a driver for the busy planting and harvest season. Looking at buying something along the lines of a Massey Ferguson 7720/case puma 175. Is there many people hiring tractors in for the harvest/planting season? What sort of...
  19. Lincs Lass

    Smart TV

    Tempted to upgrade my telly but all this smart gubbins they all come with is baffling . At present my telly is far end of the house connected via an aerial ,,the only connection for internet is through a very long cable back to the router ,,this works perfectly for the desk top computer but I...
  20. Rob5150

    Balers; second hand br7070 or new roll belt 150

    Morning all, I’ve currently got two offers from my local case dealer for a new round baler, the first is a second hand 2014 new Holland br7070 crop cutter with only 4000 bales, obviously it’s pretty immaculate, they’re asking 18.5k€ for it. the second is new case rb455 ( nh roll belt 150) it was...