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    Min-till can lead to ‘skewed’ soil testing results

    Written by Richard Halleron from Agriland The Potash Development Association (PDA) is highlighting the growing prevalence of ‘skewed’ soil testing results which it said is a direct consequence of min-till or zero-till cultivation techniques. Under such circumstances, the organisation is...
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    Parmiter LFD120 trailed discs

    Parmiter LFD120 trailed discs Advert added by: Joe Wilsher @young bull Machinery Details Category: Tillage Discs Price: £4250 Condition: Good Description Parmiter lfd120 trailed discs 2.4m transport width 3.5m working width 120kg/ disc Owned since new...
  3. 1594mac

    Wrapping bales query

    On the NAAC contracting pricing for 22-23 is that including wrap does anyone know? Thanks.
  4. box

    What's the future of wrapped bales?

    Evening. I currently make about 1,000 wrapped bales a season and have been slowly gearing up to do my own baling in order to cut costs and add flexibility (and stress). With net/wrap/disposal costs rising and a growing social discontent regarding plastic wrap (and everything else that...
  5. ajd132

    What should the NFU be doing?

    Having a discussion last night with some friends about the power of the NFU or lack thereof. i have thought for a while now they mostly focus on the wrong things. For example, lobbying the government to stop imports not grown to our standards (this is utterly impossible waste of time and will...
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    German federal minister suggests cut in biofuels to enhance food security

    Written by Rubina Freiberg from Agriland A proposal made by a German federal minister suggests that global food-supply shortages could be eliminated by limiting the domestic production of biofuels, the German Bioethanol Industry Association (BDBe) has said. The German Federal Minister for the...
  7. H

    Kuhn 284d

    Anybody here with one or a jd 328 could help me? Pressure on gauge won’t stay on 82 bar when I set it in working position. After a few times up and down field and lifting at headlands it goes up to 95-100 bar or sometimes down below 70bar. Can’t get a even cut like this. Changed tap too incase...
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    kuhn Vari-Master

    kuhn Vari-Master Advert added by: B and B Tractors Machinery Details Category: Tillage Ploughs Price: £28500 Condition: Used Description Kuhn Vari-Master Plough, 7 Furrows, Manual furrow adjustment, On 500/60x22.5 transport/depth wheel, On land or...
  9. P

    Selling grass off the field, by the bale, how much ?

    We have a bit to much grass to graze, there has not been any stock on it since February, its getting more like a hay or silage field crop, and will just get wasted if try to graze it, We are thinking of selling the grass, what would be a fair price per bale to sell it for, We could cut it and...
  10. B

    Animal slaughter

    This chap was a tad unlucky in how it turned out but how many of us are aware it's illegal to shoot a farm animal? man-ordered-to-pay-nearly-6k-after-illegally-killing-cow_60459.html
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    SPEARHEAD TRIDENT 500 TRAILED FLAIL Advert added by: Weaving Machinery Machinery Details Category: Mowers Flail Mower Price: £16800 Condition: Good Description Spearhead Trident 500 Trailed Flail Year of Manufacture: 2018 Working Width: 5...
  12. teslacoils


    RMT at it. Who's next? How big a pay rise will public sector workers and key infrastructure bods squeeze on to help keep inflation stoked.
  13. B

    Supplying props to film crew

    I have been asked to supply some of my more rustic stuff for a TV gameshow filming locally. It's for a day basically an old tractor, trailer and plough a number of buggered water troughs old tyres and a few other bits and bobs. Question is what should I charge. Reckon it will take half a day to...
  14. D

    Austria to UK

    Anybody any idea on cost to transport small forage wagon from Austria either Anglesey North wales (or a UK yard where we could collect it). Machine would need 20’ on a flatbed artic. Also any companies to use. Cheers
  15. MX7

    The conflict of growing crops for biomass or food.

    The looming world tight supply of cereals/ maize(corn), makes me question the growing of crops , worldwide, for biomass to feed AD facilities , versus using the same amount of ha’s to grow cereals for human /animal consumption. Worldwide I wonder how many ha’s of biomass crops are grown to feed...
  16. Groundswell Agriculture

    Groundswell - Car Sharing

    Please use this thread for ride sharing if you're driving to Groundswell and have space in your vehicle. Sharing is caring!
  17. D

    Lord King WTAF Nowt to do with me guv. Mervyn King was Governor of the BoE from 2003 to 2013 and presided over the start of the current mess. Him and his mates around the...
  18. pappuller

    Transporting scrap

    As per title, we are gathering a fair pile of scrap metal about and usually load up and take it to the scrapyard with tractor and trailer. Do I technically need to now run on white diesel even though the scrap is farm waste and its proceeds will be paid into the farm account? Tia
  19. M

    Tractor Drawn Cattle Box

    We are now finnishing our own cattle and our numbers are always growing, have been moving cattle with iforwilliam box and truck and basically just to small now. What brands of trailer should I be looking at , would like the option to load 8-12 fat cattle but not to big a trailer that it's awful...
  20. D

    Modern day David Brown 780

    Which new tractor gives a driving experience, close to a David Brown 780? I'm nostalgic for my youth, traveling the farm with my DB 780 & Grays delux tipping 5 foot transport box, picking up dead sheep, carrying walling toppers & milk churns to top up baths used as troughs.