Company car - advice please


Volvo V60 cross country Diesel
You buy it and tell me what is like.
Thinking of buying one to replace my Diesel Subaru Forester...
Claims to only have 1 cm less clearance than Forester.
@Finn farmer , yes the new forester while nice to drive seems pointless green wash exercise, less economy and no spare wheel on most capable of wee SUVs off road :scratchhead:. Shame they ditched the diesel engine.


Arable Farmer
so... you make your wife and son employees and then there are 3 people to use the pool car thats parked in the tractor shed, the 3 pushbikes are for private trips and shopping if the IR ask.... then I suppose there is no reason not to have 3 pool cars?


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40k miles per year . Lot of hanging about away from home charging the thing

charge over night 348 mile range - how many days do you need t9 do more than that ? Recharge while wasting your lunch each day ?

electric is getting practical these days

hybrid is pointless, they end up doing less average mpg than their diesel equ quite often and there are nonor of the tax breaks that exist for full ev’s

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