DD into Oat Stubble/blackgrass

So spring oats being cut at moment have an awful lot of blackgrass in. How would anyone go about establishing WW with a 750A. straw is being baled.
guess just wait until Nov???
Chit with a quick shallow harrow of top inch and a half then roundup and drill as late as poss?
thing is, if i move soil atall and uproot the stubble, when i want to drill at end of Oct everything will be too fluffy/sticky. if i leave stubble intact and rooted will it clean the drill wheels ?


"Awful" levels of BG does suggest growing something more competitive than WW for another season.

If you reckon you have good chances of establishing in WW in nov then that is another matter and I would be tempted to not disturb it at all or just try taking etc only part of the field for comparison.

Plenty of the BG here seems to germinate in the spring so I feel any disturbance to germinate in the autumn may be counter productive.

Humble Village Farmer

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Exactly the same problem here. I decided there was no way we could attempt a wheat crop in there unless it was really late, like November or up to the middle of March with Skyfall.

Drilled a cover crop instead. If we don't get the right circumstances, it'll get a summer cover crop after a late spring/ early summer spray off and go into wheat next year.

After the last 2 autumns, I'm not pinning my hopes on a late drilling opportunity in good conditions.

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