People driving round fields at night

At the moment round here we are regularly having people driving round the fields at night. They gain access by driving through locked field gates. An eye witness about 2 months ago said that the vehicle hit the gate at 50-60 mph. The police do nothing apart from dish out crime reference numbers. My son looked out of the kitchen window at about 11.30 and saw 4 men on a quad bike about 30m away on the farm drive shining torches around, including into my pickup. Spoke to our neighbours and they are having the same issues. If the police aren’t interested what do you do?


When you report them, you need to say certain magic keywords to get them logged as crimes that look bad in the official figures.

I'll pose the question though, if they didn't get back home who would miss them?

But in reality plod will take the easy option. What you want is to get them logged using the "magic words" then after a "police figures calendar year" use a foi request to identify the "shocking rise in crime X / dreadful clearup rate" and splash it all over the local press. Ideally around local election time.


They have cut the lock off my gates about three weeks ago after hare coursing on a stubble field, but this time they haven't driven over the planted fields. Haven't been back since, but my neighbour has just had her padlock cut off the field gate Thursday night. Police have shown more interest and patrols recently, but partly because there are plenty of garden shed and sheep thefts ongoing around here. I haven't got the magic answer you're looking for. Last year was quieter due to field conditions I think.


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If you have a suitable gateway that isn’t used by you but is affected by ram raiders: old steel 5 bar gate, replace the 2nd bar and with a piece of 40mm solid steel, bar bolted *solidly* into the straining post at each end.

They only target farmers because they see us as easy targets, soon as they meet serious resistance they visit someone else.
In the case of a ‘dead stop’ against your gate, it will be multiple visits to the dentist; good enough for them, dirty barstewards.

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