What’s the speed limit?


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Is the speed limit(s) on various roads for a current Hilux the same as a standard car?

I was told it was when I bought it but better half has been in a speed awareness course today (oops ?) and said they put the Reg in and I should be doubt 60 max on motorway for instance.

How much

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There is a good article here , courtesy of what car pickup wise it depend on if it has extra rear seats or simple commercial and its weight read the whole article for better explanation the bit specifically for pickups is below .

Pick-up truck speed limits
Speed limits for pick-up trucks are just as complicated, although on the whole they are allowed to travel at the same speed as cars because most are designed to just sneak under the weight threshold.

Pick-ups classified solely for commercial use are typically limited to single-cab pick-ups, as the lack of a rear set of seats makes them very obviously not a dual-purpose vehicle.

There are also exceptions for those pick-ups that weigh over 2040kg and this can catch out a few of the very high-end models. Check the unladen weight of the vehicle and make sure it is below the limit.


I don't know about particular makes or models, it was more to show the 2040kg is the limit.

I take it if you got the VAT back it's commercial?

In order to make a pickup commercial to claim the vat back it has to be able to carry over 1000kgs in the tub, nothing to do with the weight, most double cab pickups are classed as dual purpose.


Mixed Farmer
My Ranger is well over the 2040kg threshold but I was done under car rules. Chap on my naughty boy learn to drive slower course said they must have given me the benefit of the doubt. Just as well or the fine and points would have been more??

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