When will it stop raining

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Been raining virtually every day since mid July, it’s getting past a joke, they keep promising a dry spell but it never appears.

I for one am getting fed up, is there any hope


Its nearly the same here, maybe a bit better than you we get one good day , rarely two in a row. Monday wet everywhere, yesterday was not bad but back to square one today again.



This was the clear frosty day gathering my hill ewes for tupping a year ago.

The hill feels like it's been in the mist of the cloud and flooded since the end of June this year. :(
I can't recall being quite so fed up of the weather. I was getting quite desperate for some rain after a very dry March , April and May.
Since the middle of June, there have only be a couple of windows when it has stopped raining long enough to get field work done and has never been dry.
Everything looks poor, the cattle have been in for far too long and the dung is mounting up already and it's only bloody November.
Hardly any hedges cut around here and with the pressure of so much else to get done should it stop raining, at least we will all look untidy together.
And the forecast for here..... another 4-5 inches spread evenly over the next 10 days.
My heart goes out to those who I know have had things worse.


It's just started here and looks like it's going to be heavy.The first proper rain we've had in Nov .We need quite a bit to get the year up to average!Been out today dung spreading Hardy a mark and we're not on dry ground!

Y Fan Wen

N W Snowdonia
I've been keeping records for 6 years now. 2015 was the wettest with 2016 the second wettest.
2017 has now passed 2016 and only has another 12mm to go to beat '15.
Not much chance of less than 12 in the next fortnight.
I couldn't believe that reservoirs in the south west were only 80% full but you need to see a graph like this to appreciate the situation;

You could expect a significant drop from July through to November but this year levels have continually increased.


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South West
We are in for a fully dry week next year but I don't know which month it will be in tho and neither will the forecastors.!!!!
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Claas joins the autonomous tractor club

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Written by Justin Roberts

Claas has taken a minority shareholding in the Dutch autonomous tractor startup company, AgXeed B.V.

The new company has developed a tractor designed to be autonomous from the ground up, rather than try to adapt existing machines, or create smaller robots dedicated to a limited range of tasks.

AgXeed’s pilot machine is a diesel hybrid powered unit on tracks which uses a suite of software which, the company claims, is easily scalable.

Like many small technology start-ups seeking to gain a foothold in the machinery market, the company also points to the product as being part of a larger system rather than just another way of performing standard tasks