Which 100/110 hp loader tractor

CharlotteL Hf

Livestock Farmer

Needing to add a 100/110 hp loader tractor to be used round the yards but also capable of mowing and carting bales down the main roads.
What are peoples recommendations?
Currently have a tl100a on 10000 hrs has been faultless but needing more power and strength
Thanks in advance


Livestock Farmer
We have a Case Farmall 115U, its very capable tractor. It pulls a JD1365 moco comfortably, and is more than capable of hauling bales around main roads.

We got it new in 2013, and there are alot of tractors offered by case in that sort of size now. Farmalls, Luxxums and the newer Vestrum series. If I ever decided to replace the Farmall then I would be happy to try any of these.


Livestock Farmer
Was always blue but changed to green a few weeks ago and no regrets so far, 6100M


Livestock Farmer
Co antrim
Drove a new stockman sized one just lately, wasnt that impressed. Cab and door pillars look weak and cheap .Awful lot of vibration up through the steering wheel and whats the second handbrake all about?!
Wev a mgx135 and like it alot, never drove the series below so cant comment. If the op is lookin a nimble low tractor why not look at the 57m series mf

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