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    Industrial hemp as a UK arable break-crop

    Hi, I am a 30-year-old 'under-manager' working on my family's farm in Northumberland, whilst studying an MSc with the SRUC, Aberdeen. The final project (thesis) of the MSc is entitled: “A feasibility study on the large scale re-introduction of industrial Hemp, as an arable break-crop, in the...
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    The many challenges ahead for Oilseed Rape growers this year

    It seems like it takes a brave farmer to grow OSR these days. However, with the increasing pressure on farmers to extend their rotation to control blackgrass and improve soil health, break crops such as OSR must perform to combat these issues whilst also being profitable. One of the challenges...
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    Potato break crops research project

    Hi, I’m George. I am an Agriculture student at the RAU, currently doing my dissertation. My topic is ‘the used of potatoes as a break crop’. I would greatly appreciate it, if any farmers who have grown potatoes on their land in the last year could answer these few question. There are only 10...

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