cover crops

  1. Kevtherev


    Evening all I thought it may be a good idea of a dedicated legume thread for the livestock men. Clovers being the most popular inclusion in a grazing mix. Place to share ideas and info on alternative legumes used in grazing systems. Establishment methods/grazing management etc
  2. Chris F

    New IPCC Climate Change Mitigation Report coming monday...

    Apart from reducing your nitrogen usage in 2022 ;) I be interested to know how many have actually made change to reduce your carbon footprint over the past 3 years? Feel free to add what and why below. I always await these reports with a sense of dread for what it holds for farming. Generally...
  3. P

    Changing to no till on 300 acres

    We are looking to move down the regen route, mob grazing and no till, we have around 300 acres of arable (decent ground thats been pretty much spring barley and winter wheat for years) that we are looking to direct drill after a cover crop next year, there is another part of the farm that when I...
  4. Badshot

    Which clover/legume is fastest establishing after harvest?

    Looking to dd clover or similar into wheat stubbles to be my overwinter covers, may add some cheap grass seed if there's any available to give variety. Will any establish fast enough to be useful? Or is it a waste of effort? I graze them normally too. Some will be terminated early march...
  5. B

    Are you Punished by SFI rules for doing the right thing ?

    How an SFI standards agreement interacts with other funding schemes
  6. D

    June 2022 SFI standards and payment rates
  7. Agriland RSS

    High work rate from Kuhn’s 12m cultivator

    Written by Justin Roberts from Agriland If a high work rate from a 600hp tractor and stubble cultivator is at the top of your list of requirements, then Kuhn may well have the answer in its latest Optimer model. The company has just launched a 12m version which features Kuhn's Steady Control...
  8. Mark Hatton

    New 12m min-till stubble cultivator from Kuhn

    KUHN has announced a new 12 metre model has been added to the popular OPTIMER range. It is the first 12 metre machine to feature KUHN’s unique STEADY CONTROL system which maintains a uniform working depth, even at higher speeds and on undulating land, regardless of soil conditions. Product...
  9. K

    Success of direct drilling in long term.

    Having used a Dale drill successfully for 20 years of notillage leaving all straw chopped on the surface with a mix of autumn and spring sown cash crops . I have come to the conclusion that a notillage idealist approach is maybe not the answer and we have to be flexible to aerating the soil...
  10. H

    Cover crops on heavy land

    Does anyone really put cover crops on heavy land other than the odd person trying to get a page in Farmers Weekly or some extremist DDer?? My short lived experiment has just given me a headache with few obvious benefits. Stubble turnips, oats, vetch etc grew tall and thick - didn’t get an...
  11. Rowland

    Fert use

    Thankfully I’m out of full time farming now but still have an interest in it . With the obvious problems with fertiliser has anyone who has all the feet they need and bought a semi decent price considered using about half of it this season and holding onto the other half for next season ? Or...
  12. A

    One man's mission to turn East Anglia Green

    The Zocon Greenseeder has helped Jon Myhill turn East Anglia “green” during the winter months of farming. Jon, a Director at MB Farming Ltd, Suffolk and the agronomist for the Maize Growers Association, has been involved in maize under sowing trials on farms throughout Norfolk and the Waveney...
  13. Badshot

    SFI pilot

    Well I have had it with this now. Emails still aren't coming to me direct, so I am missing some fairly important ones I think. The amount of nonsensical rubbish coming out is overwhelming, there's nobody listening to us when we ask questions, utter shambles. The rewards do not add up at...
  14. CPM RSS

    New book provides one-stop shop for conservation agriculture

    Written by Charlotte Cunningham from CPM Magazine A new book has collated extensive scientific research, field experience and technical advice on conservation agricultural into one place, as a result of the increased interest and adoption of the approach. Conservation agriculture techniques –...
  15. Agriland RSS

    New book provides one stop shop for Conservation Agriculture

    Written by William Kellett from Agriland Farmers around the world are rapidly adopting Conservation Agriculture (CA) practices, and a new book has collated extensive scientific research, field experience and technical advice into one place. CA techniques – like cover crops and reduced...
  16. Benn

    Sole living from sheep ,Flock size

    Just been pondering, Anyone on here who's sole income is from sheep? what are youre flock size? going that the national average houshold income is around £30,000, Are you up around that level of income ? locally ,i know of only one family that solely live of the income from sheep.
  17. snarling bee

    How much N is actually available for a following winter crop after a clover/legume fallow?

    There is and has been increasing talk about using N fixing crops/cover crops to reduce our reliance on bagged N. Forgetting other benefits, how much N is actually available to the following crop? and does this cover the cost of the CC seed and establishment? which with machinery and fuel costs...
  18. CopperBeech


    As some of you will know, from things I’ve written on previous threads, I am currently going through a bit of a difficult time with regards to ground. We currently farm around 800 exlana ewes and 120 Charmoise ewes. Both closed flocks, lambed outside, forage fed. We produce finished lambs which...
  19. DairyGrazing

    Where to advertise summer and winter grazing for 600 sheep. Chester/North Wales border.

    I'm looking for a part timer worker who has some sheep. I'd like them to do some milkings for us and have their sheep graze here. We have some poorer grazing land for them in the summer, cover crops and all the grassland to graze in the winter. It could be a mutually beneficial arrangement and...
  20. W

    Cutting the fertiliser budget

    A couple of years ago i was invited to a farm visit by a friend , and we had Joel Williams on hand.I have also listened to him at Groundswell talking about folia feeding a 4-5 % urea solution with added carbon and nickel to cereals after an initial application of N.Has anyone had a go at this ...