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I can’t do links man!! What, do you think I’m about 12!!! Techno-twunt here struggles to get my phone to charge up some days!!

I’ve bought a pair called Siom and a pair called Pallas Mid.

It’s probably the water proof types that male your feet sweat. It’s a toss up between wet from the outside or damp from the inside!! I only wear them in cold, wet weather.
go to website and copy address ,.....

then past it where you need it


North Devon Tyres, finally got round to sorting out the combine tyres, went for some BKT's, as always, a friendly helpful competitive service, top marks!

Lazy Eric

Bush Tyres. Knowledgable staff , on site fitter was excellent and very polite. I’ve never used them before but would definitely recommend.
Not at all.ive used them to pick up the standard light fittings on my volvo digger and jcb telehandler with no ill affects and even my previous volvo digger aswell.nothing gone wrong in sure most of what are supplied in uk are made in china anyway
Hi Nick,
Genuine Deutsch connectors are made in the USA (California) and they have some production plants in Mexico. I only sell the geniuine Deutsch connectors and contacts. :) G

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Shouldn't you start a "could do better" thread?

I tried to phrase that positively rather than "bad service". Constructive criticism is much more constructive than just criticism.
I suppose but I don't see why anyone should expect praise for good service .Should not good service be expected .Do farmers get praise for not supplying sour milk or mouldy grain


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I suppose but I don't see why anyone should expect praise for good service .Should not good service be expected .Do farmers get praise for not supplying sour milk or mouldy grain
I think it’s more to do with informing others about the places that have given good service, rather than blowing smoke up the backside of those that have given said service. Even this should probably be unnecessary, as you say, shouldn’t they all provide good service? But the reality is some companies are below par on service, and others go above and beyond. As you have pointed out with regard to Mercedes.....
I don’t think there’s anything wrong with letting others know where the good places are, and a little appreciation often goes a long way.
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Dave W

Another one for the list
JEM Engines in Falkirk. Kubota specialist.
Needed some rings and head gasket for a slightly oddball 6 cyl Kubota. Left him details and he said leave it with me. Sure enough he rang back 3 days later and the price was ridiculously good. Quite a bit less than he'd originally quoted.
Just got to wait for the bits coming from USA now :cry::cry:
Not ag but worth mentioning I think.

A company that aims to give good customer service is Premier Inns. I have no connection with them whatsoever, but have stayed with them six to eight times over a period of years.

I know of two instances where the accomdation bill was written off where a guest complained. The first was when I was waiting at reception to settle up and got into conversation with the guest ahead of me in the queue. When his turn came to pay he mentioned that some late night revellers had disturbed his sleep. Without further prompting the receptionist offered to refund his payment for accomodation!

On another occasion I mentioned to the recptionist that the bedroom my wife and I had been in was small for a double and really only large enough for a single. Without any quibble they refunded my bill.
This is commonplace in the hospitality industry and my father did similar for years.

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