Done a bit of digging in the literature
crane fly lay eggs in late summer autumn on land with grasses
my fields that I find them had a lot of spring barley volunteers
will do a bit more investigation in fields

In your situation the green bridge may well be the casual factor.

For winter crops, they should be too big and bold by the time leatherjackets wake up in spring.

Great In Grass

If he sprays the remaining greenery off now and leaves it bare for a month the frit fly will have no where to lay any eggs and should be gone by the time he wants to drill.

I'm yet to see serious wireworm damage to a new ley- the seed rate per square metre is just too high.
Neighbour lost a newly sown ley only two weeks to Wireworm.
So spill the beans! :)
Greenland to go over it again is sold as a crop tonic? Mixture of (a particular Garlic I am told?) and salacylic acid (as in aspirin).
Label states use between 1 and 3tltr/ha even in multiple applications.
5ltr for £100 del plus Vat. I use it at 1.0ltr/ha along with Reactor water conditioner in hard water areas to remove that as a variable.
It takes out Leatherjackets, wireworm, slugs and some nematodes.
It does not control cutworm larvae but there are alternatives for them.
I find it bemusing that some are very averse to trying something new unless it has years of made up data and a big shiny brochure. 80's and 90's veteran where everything got a go.
If I was a conman I would look to sell a pallet of Breakthru for slugs with anecdotal effects on CSFBeetle at £10k plus rather than 5kg at £55 costing circa £4.50/acre, the same with Greenland at £100 for 5 litres. I can assure you after haulage I am making no fortune, I regard this as helping those with a problem.
Started using Greenland a decade ago in Organic situations where we couldn't use Dursban.
Sorry to those that have seen this all before. B


Recreational tillage over the summer will allow corvids to do a useful job. A good lathering of layer manure will help the new seeds with calcium as well as nutrients and make living conditions unfavourable for wireworm and leather jackets. This worked better for me than dursban and gamma HCH back in the early 1990’s.

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