Outside AD plant ag produce causing nuisance

Has there always been a farm there?

I find the smell of silage pleasant and flies don't touch it. I find it hard to believe a company has put a heap there on bare dirt.

The bloke clearly has quite some property and is making up some spiel to get into the news and try to get the council to do something about it.
Maize silage can be an irresistable attraction for rats in my experience. A clamp that size could be a neighbours nightmare......

I agree but it could be mitigated by having a proper clamp. I cannot see how in this day and age putting silage on bare dirt is legal- how do you control and collect the effluent? It should be in a proper clamp and done properly, particularly if we are talking biogas which is a serious business. The noise of the CHP would be my concern.

Also the farmer or operator of the site could screen the site with trees very cheaply. It pays to keep the locals on side.


Mixed Farmer
The smell of silage is one thing, but how are they storing and controlling the stench from the effluent?

Do you get much effluent from maize silage? It’s usually fairly high DM stuff.

I thought the heap was probably nearer 2000t (certainly not 200,000!) and presumably a temporary store if it’s clamped in a field?

Bald Rick

Livestock Farmer
Slaphead is having a laugh if he thinks that "heap" is 200,000 tonnes.

This is our maize and we estimate about 7-8,000 tonnes (goes off to the left of pic for about 50m plus)


And yes, that is a loading shovel.

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