Those with the woeful 1.9 Isuzu


Gods County
Why cant isuzu offer this or similar map to keep the warranty?
Bloody awful engine.

Id not even say the factory software is compromised to meet emissions or poor fuel.

Like the previous 2.5, it';s like all the tea boy had a go at writing the software on a Friday afternoon at 4pm.
on 2.5L if throttle pressed when cold nothing happens for 5 to 10 seconds and power is less than half till warmed up,would tunning or remap sort it out, service made no difference


Mid Wales
My 3.2 auto has been re-mapped and pulls like a train averaging 28 mpg. 34 mpg on a good run. The stability is where it shines over the Isuzu. Very well balanced and planted on the road. I had a 3.0 Isuzu which pulled very well but was like a boat on the road. Test drove a new 1.9 and felt sea sick after 10 miles. Awful ride, but if it's all you know, you can't compare. My son has the new Wildtrak 2.0 and the engine is sharper and more nippy than my re-mapped 3.2 and the mpg is about the same but will the engine last if towing, time will tell. Had a test drive in the Amarok, WOW, but you had to pull in to most petrol stations!

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