1. LandPowerTV

    New JCB Fastrac iCON 4000 and 8000 Series Tractors: FIRST IMPRESSION

    In this first part of our look at the new JCB Fastrac iCON 4000 and 8000 Series tractors, we get an overview of all the latest developments. FULL VIDEO AT Featured machine: Model: JCB Fastrac iCON 8330 Engine: 8.4-litre, 6-cylinder, AGCO Power Rated power: 335hp Max. power...
  2. Durry cows

    Hp required for jd 381 butterfly mowers

    As per title looking in to possibility of these mowers, would a mapped puma 150 (200 at the shaft same as puma 165/ new Holland 210) power them? Flat fields dairy multicut grass but they are heavy (2.5t) and been told they take some powering! Thanks
  3. ZigBee

    Tractor Choice for Slopes

    Hi All, If this question has already been answered then apologies for the post but I couldn't find an easy way to search previous threads and would appreciate some advice on tractor selection, please. We've moved from the flat land of Oxfordshire to the slopes of Somerset with 36% gradients...
  4. severeoversteer

    Haulage tractor

    Hello all ! I am in the market for a haulage tractor to do all my trailer work. Its main job will be hauling a dump trailer both on and off road. I am considering .. John deere 6215r T7.260 Puma 220 Fastrac Valtra t214 or 234 Fendt 930 Tractor has to have over 220 horses and front brakes. Any...
  5. S

    Fendt transmission rebuild cost 25k

    Just been talking to local farmer he said local contractor recently had Fendt transmission rebuilt at a cost of £25,000 He also said full artic load of chicken feed is £10,000 I believe chicken feed cost as someone was talking on radio a few days ago not so sure about fendt transmission
  6. grangenolvinfarm

    T6.145 Autocommand purchase?

    Hi guys. looking to upgrade from a 2004 TM130 to a 2018 T6.145 AutoCommand. has anyone any experience with a T6.145 AC? My main job for the tractor will be ploughing with a four furrow plough. something the tm130 has little problem with, should the 145 pull away no problem or will it have its...
  7. Agriland RSS

    AgriArgo to present New McCormick range in Birmingham

    Written by Justin Roberts from Agriland AgriArgo is to take a large stand at this years LAMMA show in Birmingham in the U.K next month, with the emphasis being on new additions to the McCormick side of the business. The average power rating of tractors sold on to Irish farms is around the...
  8. its.... only me

    JD 7810 = £66,500 + 5% commission

    So this sold on Saturday at DDM's sale at Epworth - for £66,500 + 5% commission. How I wish I had ordered one in 2003 instead of listening to my Father and ordering a 6920S :cry:
  9. L

    One oil!

    We have 6 different tractor makes. All different ages from new to old. We have part used oil drums everywhere all different stuff. Is it possible to get one engine oil and one backend oil that will do them all?
  10. DuraAce

    Vario transmission, engine RPM while plowing

    Hi everyone. My first post here, posting from Norway so excuse my English :oops:. As the subject says, what RPM should I use while plowing. If I leave it to the computer, it will be like 1100-1300 rpms depending if its uphill, flat or downhill. But the other day a Fendt mechanic warned me that...
  11. Massey mad

    Buying high houred tractors

    Hi all, looking at getting a cheapish 180-200hp tractor. What would you all say is too high hours to be buying been looking at a few 76/ 7718 models with 6-7k hours on
  12. dubs

    contractors want to roll

    what is the advantages of rolling ploughed ground before drilling, one pass power harrow. contractor turned up yesterday and wanted to roll the ploughed fields before sowing barley land was ploughed jan-feb time and is firm enough. asked him to put on a front press if concerned Is there any...
  13. FendtRunner86

    Fendt vs. Deere

    Fendt vs Deere in efficiency?
  14. G

    Fertiliser Spreader

    Has anyone got any suggestions of any good fertiliser spreaders ? At the moment we have a Lely one. However, its getting a bit knackered.
  15. S

    JD direct drive

    Hi all , are direct drive tractors difficult to sell ?
  16. suffeks

    help removing steering wheel

    how to remove this deutz wheel? I got the main nut off but it's not budging. that rod only loosens and allows for height adjustment of whole column. the rim has play now but something is holding it back...
  17. S

    Jcb or merlo?

    Currently have a 2019 merlo 35.7. Been great up to recently but starting to have a few niggles now around 2500hrs. Looking to change shortly. Just had a demo jcb 38-60 delivered today. Seems to be a nice machine. Think the jcb dealer will have better back up etc. What's everyone's opinion?
  18. paul&mandy

    New 6R (150R)

    Anyone had a look at these yet? Got a price still having a lay down... It's basically a tweaked 130r..
  19. S

    Is my system right?

    Hi just joined but have been looking in for a while. It’s my first post and I’m looking for some advice please. So I’m covering 400ac on my own alongside some farm diversifications. The arable is very much part time though. The system I’m running is I have a contractor doing combining, hedge...
  20. Boomerang

    Are fendts really that good ??

    Or are they living on past glories.? A big outfit down the road runs several, including crawlers and heard that they have got through 11 new engines .two other farmers both had new engines 8n more than one that they own all these are In tractors no more than couple of years old . If this is...