1. Feldspar

    Winter wheat drilling

    So... who's started wheat drilling? Or when are you thinking of starting?
  2. CPM RSS

    weed control – The autumn stack gets a shuffle

    Written by cpm Two new active ingredients expand the options for chemical control this autumn, but growers would be foolish to rein back on cultural measures, warn experts. CPM reports. Removing a significant control such as delayed drilling will mean an increase in populations that will...
  3. G

    BPS reduction = rent reduction

    Have RPA or Government announced the BPS reduction rate over the whole period 2022-2027? I’ve got the 2021 reductions. I’m really struggling with rent figures for rent review! My gut says 12% reduction per year! I think that works a £150/ac rent in 2020 to £54/ac in 2028! Too much or too little?
  4. JP1

    Barn find 180 cars of all eras: Portugal

    With a soundtrack for men of a certain era and @Bald Rick who probably has the naughtiest material on Bo Derek
  5. S

    Tyre bead breaking tools

    We've gradually got kitted out to do our own puncture repairs but haven't got any tools to break the bead while the wheel is still on the vehicle. At the moment we have to take the wheel off, lay it down and use the edge of the handler bucket. Hardly ideal. What tools are best for the job? It's...
  6. Dman2

    Another whats it worth

    Decided after 46 years to sell our welger AP61 conventional baler Just got no idea what to ask for it Good working order, always stored inside
  7. bobk

    Best autumn herb for wild oats

    In wheat , been using 2 ltr/ha of Picomax which does a fair job for the money , looking for summat better , expecting to do them again in the spring with topic.
  8. G

    Cat 2 balls

    What size should a category 2 ball be? I got some off ebay and they are too small
  9. Surgery

    Sliding barn doors on track etc

    Wondered if anyone can point us in the right direction , got a small shed with an opening of a shade over 5m by roughly 2.2m high so wanting to put a sliding door in , will be using 50mm box for door frame but having not built any doors in tracking before desperately want to keep the height of...
  10. S

    Min till bellend

    Hi guys, up in North East Scotland here, thought i was the kiddie making min till work without too much spraying for the first few years, am now on my ass visa vis annual meadow grass... Have plenty for sale btw if anyone interested?.... Pick your own for a discount naturally... Am now getting...
  11. Hutchinsons News

    Healthy Soils – How can you manage your soil for the future

    Welcome to the Healthy Soils stand. As an irreplaceable physical resource, it is essential to protect and nurture the soil if we are to continue producing crops under the current agricultural model. To help this process the Healthy Soils service provides essential information to growers and...
  12. steveR

    Cover Crops after SU herbicide application? Ideas?

    I am bringing several parcels of land back from the Contract farming lads and putting them into a STEPS scheme, similar to AB15 and GS4 in Mid Tier. Been a bit of a last minute Scheme, so no proper planning for an Autumn entry was planned or considered as regards herbides in the cereal crops...
  13. grainboy

    Shuttleworth early 80’s

    Went to, and then worked at Shutts, 76 to 82,
  14. Dan Powell

    Why is modern machinery so flipping unreliable?!

    It gets to about 3000 hours and hey presto, air con failures, ad-blue faults, pipes leaking, going into limp mode for no good reason and all costs a fortune to fix. I'm fed up with it frankly. I want to go back to a John Deere 10 series before the build quality of everything fell off a cliff...
  15. Farm Classifieds

    Gloster 20 kva

    Gloster 20 kva Advert added by: Russell Williams @RCW Farm Services Machinery Details Category: Static Machinery Generators Price: £850 Condition: Used Description Gloster 20 kva single phase pto generator, twin 13 amp rcd socket, 32 amp blue socket, no electrical...
  16. CerealsEvent

    BASIS Points Available Webinar - 10th June - Succession Planning - 18:00 to 18:45

    Succession Planning Chaired by Mike Holland, Agricultural Law Association Succession planning is typically a very difficult subject for farming families to broach. This session draws on the experience of those who have done this and independent experts that are used to supporting businesses...
  17. DieselRob


    I'm looking for a bit of education on growing oats, other than a few wild oats about the farm I've not had anything to do with them. Winters or spring? If springs then they would go in behind a grazed catch crop, if winters would there be enough time to establish a meaningful cover crop pre...
  18. Castlemaine

    Early harvest

    Looks like it’s going to be a early harvest if this carries on , any one tempted to put osr for a good start against csfb. ?
  19. Stevethemeat

    Growth reg spring barley

    Can those with the knowledge give me the pros and cons of growth regulator on spring barley this year the mix I’m planning is herbicide wild oat and broadleaf with fungicide trace elements I’m hearing it might be a hot mix with the added drought and straw will stunt quite badly we have heavy...
  20. SIP


    About SIP The largest agricultural machinery manufacturer in Slovenia builds machines for forage harvesting. Its core competence lies in the development and vertical integration of robust, durable, reliable, and high-quality mowers, tedders, and rakes. Almost all metalwork is carried out by the...