1. jerseycowsman

    It’s too dry!

    There, someone had to say it! Tin hat on, but we’ve only had 3” of rain in each of January February and march, should of had 5. And had less than an inch in April so far! This is Cornwall by the way. I know we’ll get to may and like last year the heavens will open etc! Is there any rain on the...
  2. H

    Kongslide Germinator

    Anyone used one of these .....are they any good ?
  3. W

    Black grass in spring barley is there any spray to control it?

    Black grass in spring barley is there any spray to control it?
  4. S

    Fendt transmission rebuild cost 25k

    Just been talking to local farmer he said local contractor recently had Fendt transmission rebuilt at a cost of £25,000 He also said full artic load of chicken feed is £10,000 I believe chicken feed cost as someone was talking on radio a few days ago not so sure about fendt transmission
  5. Chris F

    Eco Friendly labelling

    I was at the London Agritech conference yesterday and one of the speakers was from Foundation Earth and they have developed an environmental rating label. The aim is to create a more sustainable food system and reward farmers that are most sustainable. The calc includes the whole supply chain...
  6. DevonDuckie

    Have you taken part in any Future Farming Resilience Fund events recently?

    Has anyone taken part in the interim phase of the Future Farming Resilience Fund over the last few months? There is an independent study being carried out where you can feed back your opinions/experiences (which will ultimately be fed back to Defra), so if anybody wants to feed back (in the form...
  7. P

    Case 885 XL versus the 885 XL super two

    Can anyone tell me the difference between the specs on them? TIA
  8. Tarw Coch

    Trailer reversing lights

    Looked at a new trailer recently that was fitted with led lights that came on when the body was tipped. Just wondering if anyone does a kit to retro fit to an existing trailer, shouldn’t involve anything too technical other than some sort of switch that would switch on/off as the body was...
  9. JP1

    Another dry Spring

    Looks like I’m facing another dry Spring Colder and later start too
  10. H

    Fast and farmerish series 2

    Just seen this on face book
  11. C

    Ewes not mothering lambs

    Having terrible trouble with ewes not mothering or wanting their lambs, especially noticeable in the singles , some just drop lambs and go and others seem to lick them off and fine for a day then not worried either way if their lambs with them or not . All ewes have lambed before and any that...
  12. L

    Am I mad !

    Would really like to go back to using these. Once only treatment. No issues for soils or insects and they have worked well here in the past. but the price !!! ☹️
  13. W

    Is a cow leaking milk at the slaughterhouse a welfare issue ?

    A local haulier who takes our cast cows to Highland Meats in Ayrshire is getting untold grief from a foreign vet who is telling him it is a serious welfare issue cows leaking milk. The cows are picked up from us between 9 and 11 on a sunday morning and after he has picked up the rest of his load...
  14. GAM

    Topper Choice

    Thinking of buying a 9' topper, Fleming seems to be good value for money, what's peoples thoughts?
  15. Andrew1983

    Docks worse than ever this year?!

    I sprayed a few fields last year but have them back worse than ever this year! Minstrel was the spray, cheap but it appears to be a waste of time and still knocks the grass. Really didn’t want to have to spray this spring mainly because I don’t want to stunt the grass growth when it’s costing so...