1. T

    Price predictions for the next 12 months .

    Where do people see the farm gate prices going from here now . Personally i think as a whole yields will be down across the board on most crops and of course there are lots of weather events that have / are effecting the big producing nations . When the dust settles my prediction is Top...
  2. D

    Anyone growing OSR has no choice but to pay red tractor

    Sorry I made a cock up with my screen shots there and couldn’t get it to work a 2nd time. the upshot of it though is without paying rt there is no price for OSR!
  3. Agriland RSS

    Malting barley – Donegal’s best kept secret

    Written by Richard Halleron from Agriland Malting barley production is helping to breathe new life into Donegal’s tillage sector with a total of 1,200ac due to be cut this year. Of even more significance is the fact that one third of this area has been dedicated to a single winter variety...
  4. W

    Stubble Turnips/ sheep wintering

    Evening all Im a young farmer from welsh border/cheshire , and been In the store lamb job around 5 years now and looking for more land to expand , provide all my own eletric fencing and been doing various agreement in the past renting fallow fields or paying for good cover crops , wondering If...
  5. AHDB Cereals and Oilseeds

    Harvest 2022 gross margins – is rapeseed going to make a comeback?

    As 2021/22 harvest begins, many growers are making, or have already made, cropping decisions for 2022/23. In February, James produced the first gross margins calculations for harvest 2022. Today, we are releasing updated figures. With considerably more trade on the Nov-22 UK feed wheat and...
  6. Clive

    Winter Barley yields 2021

    So i see quite a few combines are rolling now in the uk ? how’s it yielding so far ? would be helpful to others to add some context - variety, location and areas etc maybe ?
  7. Spuddler

    Livestock finance

    Looking into livestock finance to speed up expanding my flock. Am I mad to even think about this or is it quite common? Feel like it might be a “he who dares wins” time. But who knows what’s round the corner.
  8. thesilentone

    When is the time to confront the elephant in the room ?

    Our action to negate or slow global warming is clearly not going fast enough. I don't point the finger at the UK exclusively, we are far from the worst offenders, however in general, are we doing enough ? Looking at Agriculture alone, currently social media is full of pictures of tractors...
  9. V

    Winter barley v spring barley

    I’ve 30 acres been in permanent grass for years needing freshened up. Given feed price and straw prices I’m thinking I should put some barley in and produce something of my own. My thoughts on winter v spring is I will have crop off far earlier than spring stuff to get a reseed put in plus my...
  10. jon9000

    Spring barley T2

    Anyone else currently spray fungicide. Not sure if it worth it really? Planning on desicating it at the end of the month!
  11. Phil P

    Selling carbon credits

    @Clive can you tell us some more about it? How does it work?
  12. O

    I remember when.............

    All this canter about electronics, powershift transmissions, computer control etc just makes me smile when I cast my mind back to 1966 when a new Nuffield 10/60 arrived to boost a fleet of 460's. My Gosh - 10 gears instead of 5 just with another lever! Whatever will they think of next?
  13. Arable Scotland

    Arable Scotland - ‘Net Zero Marking Carbon Pay’

    Net Zero – Making carbon pay Scotland has a legally binding commitment of being Net Zero by 2045. The latest Climate Change Plan requires a 31% reduction in emissions from agriculture by 2032. This topic will be under discussion in the fourth in the series of Arable Conversations at this year’s...
  14. Poncherello1976

    Refurbish Grain Store

    Our grain store is coming up or over 50 years old. Elevators and pipes etc are starting to wear out and I am fed up of the continual need to patch up holes in the conveyors and elevators. I am also looking at changing the way we store the crops, currently in internal bins square and round bins...
  15. Brid @ ADAS

    Share your thoughts on crop rotations

    ADAS is conducting a short survey to understand the benefits that OSR brings to a rotation and how factors, such as the loss of the basic farm payment, ELMs, loss of active ingredients and climate change, are likely to affect the most profitable sequence of crops in future rotations. We would be...
  16. Jerry

    Harvest date prediction?

    3 or 4 weeks?
  17. W

    Hybrid Winter Barley

    If your growing it, how are you getting on with it? Costs to grow? Output? What it like grass weed wise?
  18. CPM RSS

    Rotational Resilience – A conventional approach

    Written by cpm With conventional barley breeding techniques showing huge improvements, new types coming through look to be snapping at the heels of their hybrid counterparts. CPM looks into the most recent developments from the Elsoms Ackermann breeding programme. Breeders now have a much...
  19. Andrew1983

    ESMA mobile driers

    Anyone have experience of these? Good or bad, service/ parts back up? I hadn’t heard of them before in this area but have found a couple online while looking for a second hand drier, I had wanted either a Master or Mecmar but proving difficult to find.
  20. beardface

    Shearing 2021

    Got about half the ewes done. Will finish the rest at end of week beginning of next. Not shearing to bad. Not seen any maggots yet, in fact not really seen many flies. How's everyone else getting on?