1. Louis Mc

    Creating Headland tramline 2630 screen

    Is it possible to auto create a headland tramline based on a boundary with a 2630 screen like you can with the gen 4 screens??
  2. stablegirl

    Trimble GPS GFX, TMX auto shut off etc.

    We currently have; A fastrac 2135 with a GFX750 and Nav 900 with no steering. (Sprayer tractor_ A Claas Arion 650 with a GFX 750, Nav 900 and EZ Pilot Steering. And a autosteer ready fastrac 4220, which was supposed to have a GFX and Nav 900, the supplier is struggling to get hold of a GFX so...
  3. coxrb13

    Rtk subscription

    Good evening all I’ve been using gps on tractors for just over a year now so I’ve got the gist of it now but I’m looking a purchasing either a jd 6215r or massey 8s.225 and was wondering how much rtk subscriptions are as a rough guide Many thanks
  4. Badshot

    Trimble modems wanted

    I need 3 trimble vrs modems (dcm300 I believe), installation kit too preferably but would consider them without.
  5. czechmate

    Topcon correction setup

    When I go into correction setup mode, I ha e a block with EGNOS/automonos/ and something I can’t remember but not automatic. And I can’t find “automatic” anywhere else. Where might I find it please? As I think it might help to improve performance 🤠 A picture from my manual, not the unit
  6. Farm Classifieds

    John Deere SF3000 c/w Mobile RTK Base station & 2630 Terminal

    John Deere SF3000 c/w Mobile RTK Base station & 2630 Terminal Advert added by: Brockhills of Yorkshire Machinery Details Category: GPS and Farm Electronics GPS and Precision Farming equipment Price: £6500 Condition: Good Description John Deere SF3000 Receiver, RTK...
  7. westwood

    Auto steer for John Deere 7810

    What would the best system to retro fit to a JD 7810. For cultivations and rolling and occasianly drilling. Thanks
  8. Chae1

    Granular and liquid fertiliser in same field.

    I'm always hearing on here how one of the biggest advantages of liquid fertiliser is increased yields from headlands. We have a lot of ten acre fields so I'm thinking of spraying all headlands with liquid and filling in middles with granular. Does anyone else do this? If you do how do you...
  9. G

    GPS system

    I’m new to guidance systems but I’m looking at getting a system accurate enough for drilling. What system is best at the cheapest price for going on to a New Holland 235 which has no auto steer installed. thanks
  10. A

    Fendt headland turn assistant

    Is anyone using the Fendt Headland turn assistant, and has any idea how much it should cost to unlock this option?
  11. T

    Topcon x 20

    hi, i am looking for a gps antenna to connect to a topcon x20. I was going to use a usb type one but there is no cd rom on the x20 to download the software. I have an old yara n sensor [the blue one] and there is no gps in it and i was hoping to get it up and going this season. i guess its very...
  12. rusty

    John Deere ITC dome

    Are these of any use now? I bought one 5 second hand of my dealer 5 years ago to run with an Amazone fertiliser spreader with section control. I have since bought 2 R series John Deeres with autotrac. The first I used my ITC dome on it and the second was ordered with a 6000 dome. The 6000 is...
  13. Try to succeed

    Twin leg mole plough - minimal heave

    Does anyone have any suggestions as to which make of twin leg mole plough produces the least heave? I currently have a moore’s mole’s machine. It produces too much heave for a direct drilling scenario. Even after cultivation’s you can feel where it has been. Therefore I’m looking for something...
  14. N

    Wireless CCTV / Wifi in a yard

    The assurance scheme I am instructed to be a member of now requires me to have CCTV monitoring my stock. I could get away with having a cheap recorder just in that shed but whilst we're at it, I may as well cost out a better multi camera system to view from the house or, even better, remotely...
  15. T

    N Trip RTK

    Have been using radio RTK and looking at adding N Trip to our base station. Unfortunately no access to the internet near it, so would like to know what kind of data modem, sim card, N trip caster etc would be needed and how to configure it please.
  16. MSW

    TopCon X25 Monitor Not working

    Got the X25 powered but not loading anything Looks like the NANDrive has failed inside . it fails to boot just sits on hour glass screen and does nothing - tried puting usb in to reload OS but it doesnt do anything . usb stick shows on screen next to hour glass but still no load. After few mins...
  17. P

    RTK Farming Base Station Sites

    Hi All RTK Farming are on the look out for new sites to host our RTK Base Stations in the following areas: BRAUNTON EX31 3RZ North Devon SALEM SA19 North of Swansea MACHYNLLETH SY20 Mid-West Wales BROUGHTON IN FURNESS LA20 South West Cumbria If you would be interested in hosting a site or...
  18. S

    CFX /FM -750 Firmware v8.10?

    My dealer did not have it. Has anybody seen it? Would it be any good? Free info on Trimble site is very limited: Version: v8.10 November 18, 2020 Users on field betas from 2020 ending in a “.3” must upgrade. Final planned release addressing field issues reported in the following system areas...
  19. Banana Bar

    Row cleaners

    How necessary do you think it is to have row cleaners on a disc drill? How much of an issue is hair pinning on disc drills. I have no intention of selling straw to make a disc work so need to make sure I spec properly. I also wonder if hair pinning appears a bigger issue than it actually is...
  20. Farm Classifieds

    Fendt 936 Profi Plus

    Fendt 936 Profi Plus Advert added by: Machinery Details Category: Tractors Farm Tractors Price: £60000 Condition: Used Description Fendt 936 Profi Plus. 7950 hours, warranty to 8000 hours, comes with Topcon RTK gps, 2.5T front weight and pair of 285kg...