The multi-site to rebalance disease control​

With resistance to single site fungicides continuing to hamper disease control, a multi-site such as folpet must be included in arable spray programmes to add an extra layer of crop protection.


ARIZONA: the cost effective multi-site​

New field trials carried out in 2021 have shown that the addition of ARIZONA (500 g/L folpet) to spray programmes at T1 and T2 suppresses septoria and adds persistence to the crop protection programme.
In the video below, Andy Bailey, ADAMA’s Fungicides Technical Specialist, explains how including ARIZONA (folpet) as a tank mix partner increases septoria control, improves green leaf persistence and protects the upper leaves in wheat to deliver a proven yield benefit.


ARIZONA delivers additional septoria control and yield​

ARIZONA’s key benefits:​

Valuable efficacy: Septoria, Rust, Rhynchosporium and Ramularia Protection that pays for itself

Multi-site: Multi-site activity to break resistance and extend the life of partner products

Optimise partners: No interference with uptake, maximise partner performance even at T2

Flexible: Can be used at multiple timings to provide season-long protection

Hear what others/farmers have to say​

Meet the farmers and agronomists across the UK using ARIZONA in their cereal crop protection programmes


Andy Roberts - Farm Owner

"I used ARIZONA as a standalone product at T1 to protect a crop of Graham which, at the time, had a very low level of disease. Using folpet at this early timing gave a good level of disease control and allowed me to save our SDHI and triazole applications until later in the season: by using folpet at T1 I successfully avoided having to expose our chosen SDHI and triazole fungicides to resistance selection which maximised their subsequent effectiveness at T2."

Ian Holmes, Agronomist:

Despite a lower overall crop protection input on those crops, we saw good results where folpet was used. Our T1 to T2 interval was somewhat protracted after the cold, dry April turned into a cool, wet May, but disease protection stood up well in those crops which had been treated with folpet; although the overall disease picture was helped by our drilling date and variety choices.

Mike Thornton discuses his experience with folpet:

We catch up with Laura Buckingham at our 2019 folpet relaunch event. She explains the importance of multi-sites and her views on the key benefits of folpet.

FRAG-UK endorsement​

Fungicide Resistance Action Group (FRAG-UK) recommendations
One of the key recommendations of FRAG-UK is to use multi-site fungicides – either as a tank mix partner or alternately with single site fungicides – to reduce the erosion of efficacy in single site and other medium to high resistance risk fungicides.
Multi-site fungicides are a valuable tool to manage resistance by preventing development to many pathogens… and can protect and prolong the lifespan of medium to high resistance risk fungicides like SDHIs... and can provide added levels and spectrum of disease control. FRAG-UK
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