1. B

    Will Hardox Tines straighten with heat

    Been and bent a couple of times on our strimech grab moving trees 😡. Will they straighten with heat or have to cut them out?
  2. J

    Jcb muck grab any good ?

    Looking at getting 7ft 6” muck grab for our jcb 526-56. Been looking at various makes etc. Local dealer has priced us a jcb one which comes out at reasonable money. Was wondering what the jcb attachments are like and who actually makes them ? Cheers
  3. Ollie6070

    Bucket floor

    Got an old Strimech bucket needing the floor done , what thickness steel would people recommend, thinking 6mm? Going to be used as a second bucket for dung etc save washing the grain bucket, thanks for any help
  4. Rob Holmes

    Yara want to move to 750 kg bags

  5. Horn&corn

    Big bolt supplier

    I need a 1.5 inch by 12” unc or M38 x 280mm bolt ASAP. Shear grab pivot point bolt. Struggling to find an affordable supplier to deliver ASAP. 8.8 or preferably 10.9 with nylock Any suggestions appreciated
  6. B

    JCB Dung Grabs

    Looking for a Dung grab for a loader tractor. Alo 1.7m with KV tines £1500 JCB 1.7m with Hardox tines £1600 Prodig 1.8m with Hardox tines £1985. Had a look at the Alo today and didn’t look that strong. The JCB one looks good value, anyone know who makes them - any good?
  7. N

    Shear grab hydraulic cylinder rods

    Need to purchase a bigger grab as have bought a loader anyway shear grab like a couple other machines around the farm the chrome seems to come off easy or should I say rust seems to build up under neat them and blisters so I was thinking of getting stainless rods this time around for the...
  8. Case290

    Grain buckets

    We have got an xform Strimech grain bucket 2.8cub are there any better buckets as this one spills grain. I see jcb and others do buckets with curved front edges are they better. ?
  9. Farm Classifieds

    2M38013A - New 2020 Strimech BKT 20/76 Grain Bucket with Manitou Brackets

    2M38013A - New 2020 Strimech BKT 20/76 Grain Bucket with Manitou Brackets Advert added by: Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd Machinery Details Category: Loaders and Attachments Buckets Price: £1275 Condition: New Description 2020 Strimech BKT 20/76 Grain Bucket...
  10. marco

    Best headstock for telehandlers?

    What's the best headstock for ease of hooking up, strength etc?
  11. J

    MX loader attachments

    Looking for some second hand loader attachments for a MX100 loader..... bale spikes, bucket , grab. Pm please . Thanks
  12. Stags Agri

    Full Dispersal Sale of Telehandler & 5 Tractors at Bradnich, Exeter, EX5 4LT - Wednesday 23rd September 2020 - 700+LOTS

  13. North East Crofter

    Grain pusher for tractor loader

    Hi collective, wondering about a small grain pusher for our 1.5 tonne loader on 105hp tractor, are you aware of any out there that would be recommended or has anyone created one? not looking to push grain to massive height approx 2.5 to 3 meters max. look forward to any comments. Kind regards Gavin
  14. Farm Classifieds

    Flat 8 grab

    Flat 8 grab Advert added by: Andrew Rees @Walwyn Machinery Details Category: Loaders and Attachments Grabs Price: £600 Condition: Used Description Strimech flat 8 grab complete with guide rail. Really strong grab, currently on Sanderson brackets. How to make contact...
  15. S

    is re-plating machinery legal

    I bought a 'shop soiled' Strimech shear grab from Rea Valley Tractors. it looked in good condition with barely any wear to the paint on the blade and the plate read 2019. 6 weeks ago the welding on the blade tore catastrophically. Not the steel but the poor welding. It was `13 months old when...
  16. shumungus

    JCB parts price WTF

    Needed set of seals (4 o rings) for the solenoid valve controlling the quick hitch on my js145. From JCB part no. 25/220533 price £104.65 vat inc. After falling over and getting back up again went to local seal / bearing men were they had seals to the exact same measurements, they charged me £3...
  17. danpwll

    best bucket for a merlo 33-7 ???

    have a strimech x from 7ft at the moment and she has done 3 handlers and getting tired, whats the best bucket out there for general duties going 7'6 as the 33-7 is wider than the old 33-6 !!
  18. cotswoldcs

    Urea vs Nitram

    Have usually purchased only blue bags from CF but this year am considering Urea instead of Nitram. Have been quoted £219/t for Urea and £195/t for Nitram (June/July delivery). Nitram is a good price but Urea is so much better value. Looking for opinions on whether I'm right to save some money or...
  19. C

    Pin and cone headstock

    Any idea what this would be worth,strimech headstock to fit bobcat, Massey telehandler
  20. Big_D

    Hydraulic ram supplier

    Can anyone recommend a supplier of a single acting 2 stage ram for a tipping trailer please. If it helps, cylinder bore is 80mm, holes are 26mm, closed length 1040mm, extended length, 2670mm. Difference is 1630mm in 2 stages.....does that mean I want an 800mm stroke??