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Looks like we are going to get another battering this weekend :cautious:
Don’t think I’ve ever known the land so wet and clarty at this time of the year
Brought sheep in yesterday, heptavaced & foot bathed today.

They took little persuading to come in & look a picture up to their knees in straw.

Last week a culvert collapsed under pressure (draining 50 acre) water still ran down the hill towards a ditch but took 5 metres of drystone wall with it. Awesome power.

Half joking today, I thought we need barn drying for next years hay, hydro powered.


It,s starting to ware a bit thin here too, waiting to put some ewe,s and lambs back out, ground is so wet will have to keep them in very small bunches or ground won,t take it, the problem is where i want to put them is new leys drilled last September.

Just put another safari tent up for the glamping site, there guaranteed to wind speeds of up to 50 mph, well and truly tested last week, had some polls pull out but with stood it quite well other than that, I think we did around 70 to 75 mph.
Trying to do carpentry work on site has proved very testing, wind, rain, mud etc, trying to keep the base mud free has been close to impossible, we are fully booked in April so have to push on. :banghead:


Livestock Farmer
just a gentle breeze and dry here atm but this afternoon looks to be a different story going by the forecast
Same here, no wind or rain yet but getting the sand bags out ready as am out helping a mate scanning this afternoon and dont wanna come back to see shed flooded again :facepalm:


Just hitting us now in Cornwall, chucking it down, fields are soaked and have 30 acres of whole crop and grass to plant ASAP :( just need a good month of dry weather now....


He's here. I'm tempted to say it's a normal gale for this time of year, although it's quite a mild one again.

It's the strength of the gusts that cause concern with winter storms. This is the second storm in a short time, so whatever was weakened last week could show up in the next two or three days.

Ground is still absorbing, but will soon saturate if what's forecast for a bit further south moves north a smidge.


Just building up here now in SW Scotland, after chasing the top ring of the slurry tower since October, I’ve admitted defeat and got the umbilical coming Tuesday. It’s just tooooo wet now, and we are a very dry farm.

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