Keeping the tractor running after nuclear war

Discussion in 'Machinery' started by oil barron, Feb 11, 2019.

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    The man in the Atomic Tank film said the tank was decontaminated with a fire hose! This radioactive stuff must be easily washed off then. What's the problem.........?:whistle::scratchhead:
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    No, and yes.
    I don't imagine that the digital dash will make much difference, most of it has packed up at some point in it's life and the old girl kept on going!
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    I don’t think a mild nuclear attack would lead to the total destruction people think it would. There is a true story of a Japanese man who worked for Mitsubishi corporation. On his way to work at Nagasaki he hears the air raid siren and goes for cover in a rice paddy. Boom. Nagasaki is gone. He then goes and gets a train to Hiroshima . He is just letting his bosses know about what he saw at Nagasaki when boom. That town is gone aswell. He later went on to bear children.
  4. oil barron

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    But there were no ECUs then
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    Best keep well away from that jinxed fekker then!
  6. Difficult to model the exact effects of even a limited nuclear exchange. Parts of the world may find their food supplies are contaminated with fallout and have to be discarded.

    Major population centres and governments could be wiped off the map or so damaged they might as well be. Financial markets of all kind would be paralysed to say the least, I guess they would suspend trading?

    Electrical networks could be hit from the EMP effects, certainly things like TV and mobile phone networks would be from nearby blasts, even if their hardware was not damaged or destroyed physically.

    Health and emergency services would be overwhelmed instantly. I think in both urban and rural areas citizens would be left to fend for themselves. Looting and theft would be obvious consequences of this as people steal what they can while they can.

    Areas involved would need a massive international aid effort by countries who were unaffected. I don't think the UK maintains stocks or natural gas or aviation fuels sufficient for any great stretch.

    At the very least, a lot of us (the lucky ones) could expect to be living in tents in areas known to be uncontaminated, drinking bottled water and eating rice donated from abroad.
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    They been excluding meat for 40years alledgedly after Chernobyl fall out and rains on the hills ,so a Proper Nuclear war food and land be contaminated longer and Worst.
    Wonder if all the "activists " groups would be "choosy " with food then if Survived in first place?
  8. Oops it was supposed to be a “mild” one. Sorry everyone. :banghead::yuck::wacky::hungover:

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  9. I'm pretty confident the Grey fergie, fordson Majors, MF35, and mk4 Hilux will work just fine after an EMP.
    I'm pretty sure the mx135 and Fastrac would run too.

    I have the keys to 2 nuclear bunkers.

    Next question
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    DB John and his fleet would be everybody’s new best friend :eek::banghead:;)
  11. If it happens, anyone who drives a Land Rover Tdi300 or earlier will be hard to listen to.
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    That was a very big ooooopppppssssss:facepalm::dead:
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  13. They aren't already!?
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  14. It was alright.... that is what happens when you haven't done something new before...
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    And the award for the most random thread on internet forums goes to....
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    By the time you've got sorted out and changed your ECU's the fuel bug will have fecked the diesel you have in stock.
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    Yes, an EMP induces currents in any unshielded, and in the case of nuclear EMPs, most shielded circuits as well..
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    Well at least non of my equipment has ECU's and I do have a substitute fuel to diesel to run my tractors.
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    Plenty of Nukes gone of already. The Americans were evening detonating them in the atmosphere in the 50s just to see the effects.

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    Now you are starting to see why contingency plans are necessary.
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