Organic no till system ?

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  1. Clive

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    its more like 12 on some now and with Claydon / min till before that 25 years since some will have seen a plough

    Also have some that is in year 1 though !
  2. Clive

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    there are plenty of break crops, what you are really saying is there are not enough beak crops with the big margins needed to cashflow a high fixed cost farming business

    I grow no 2nd cereals, have 10% OSR area and have the lower gross output which is fine as fixed costs match

    OSR is only not working because its been grown too much, grow in 1 year in 7 or less and it much less of a highly strung beast !
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  3. agreed. take it youre growing 50% first wheat with the other 50% made up of 5 or 6 breaks?
    trouble is ive tried all the breaks and each throws out differing problems that steers me away from it
    Beans/Peas - 1 in 6 yrs max
    Linseed - Fleabeetle - harvesting
    potatoes - no chance
    sugar beet - soil damage
    oats - overdone
    clover ley - getting paid ?

    maybe just need to try harder

    with only 33% breaks, I could nearly get the same GM if it was all fallow!!
  4. Clive

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    yes 50% first wheat, 10% OSR, the rest is winter beans and a diverse mix of spring breaks after over winter cover crops - Im running half the kit and staff I would if I was all autumn cropped so can afford a drop in gross output but still remain more profitable

    I am experimenting with some no till continuous wheat though with a cover crop break - early days yet however
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    What mix are you using in the continuous wheat cover crop, i am doing the same with barley but tempted just to use mustard as CC.
  6. Clive

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    mustard, sunflower and linseed - all cheap and fast growing as only in the ground 2 months max

    a bit of N as well on them to get rapid growth

    bit early to draw any conclusions yet
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  7. I have second and third cereal this year due to osr failure

    In the 1990s take all was reduced where min till (scratch min till )was used the reason given then was that tighter soil reduced the effects of take all
    Loose seed beds did make take all worse especially on fields that had loamy higher organic matter 2nd or third cereal after long term grass

    The 2 problems with second wheat is takeall and grassweeds from early planting

    With fields with no blackgrass second or third cereal is an option In drier autumns when later October planting would reduce takeall and reduce weed risks

    As for organic the problem with spring blw is hard to ocher come
    My grand father who started farming in the 1920s before herbicides spent a lot of his time using a hoe producing veg when asked about organic farming never go back
    When we have robots that do the cost effective weeding the organic option may be possible but by then there may be no premium price

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