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restoration photos

Discussion in 'Classic Machinery' started by REStracTORATION, Jun 8, 2016.

  1. Any good guys handy with the welder (y)
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  2. blue power

    blue power Member

    IMG_1482491298.257023.jpg one from RAVENHILL Shrewsbury
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  3. multi power

    multi power Member

    How did that happen?
    Wonder if a bit of pigeon poo would hold it
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  4. Dont know was dumped at our door this morning with a not saying please repair hahah
  5. Mursal

    Mursal Member

    Did it take the heads off the two back cylinder anchor bolts first?
    I'd say if you drill a bit of flat to catch the 4 bolt holes, with a few tacks on the casting .......
  6. Yep snapped them bolts he bought it like this
    As he wants the parts taking out and transfering to a new old stock top cover he has because his tractor has a aftermarket topcover on and things dont line up
    Not a desperate job so its gas axe at the ready for a fun filled afternoon of heating and swearing at the draft control rod fun fun fun
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  7. What a pillock this was but its out 50 odd years of water and crap she was tight and i mean tight
    20161223_141932.jpg 20161223_141938.jpg
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  8. two-cylinder

    two-cylinder Member

    I can sympathise, I'm tearing apart a tractor that will be 80 years old in February.

    Or rather, not tearing the time it's taking, fighting me all the way!
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  9. two-cylinder

    two-cylinder Member

    Is that top cover off a loader tractor?

    Wondering if the owner has a counter weight hanging on the linkage?
  10. No loader
  11. massey765

    massey765 Member

    nr clitheroe lancs
    Most common cause is a stuck relief valve that doesn't blow off when put into constant pumping
  12. ap7610

    ap7610 Member

    My 135 took a fit of lifting the arms one day, I was frantically pushing the arms lever down, up and every other way I could but she kept on lifting, by the time I got the engine stopped she'd lifted the arms up that high that the top link broke the lug on the top lid completely off! To this day I've no idea why it happened!
  13. Hi all been busy and been on the 65
    Its all stripped down now and all what is to be grey is primered up no pics of that forgot.
    So here is a few pics of the panels been blasted etc a fair bit of panel beating has bee done aswell we mangaged to save all the bonnet panels,
    Even strightend the front side grill mesh's also as the were quite flattend the chin was bent like a bannana due the customer moving around yard with link arms off another tractor the best about working with these old tractors tinwork is the thickness of steel used yiu can beat the living crap out of it and it forms back to shape you weld sensibly with to much warp aswell
    The mordern panels you buy now you can hardly tack it without blowing a hole through them.

    I will get better pics of tractor shortly but heres a few to keep you going untill the next...
    20170103_161740.jpg 20170103_161809.jpg 20170104_145409.jpg 20170104_165504.jpg 20170103_161753.jpg 20170104_164327.jpg 20170104_165446.jpg 20170104_164335.jpg
    All the bonnet is blasted and has been welded and patched up
    Pics to follow
    Only thing ledt to blast and weld it is rear wheels they are slightly rotten around the lugs so until next time
    Thankyou for viewing
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  14. multi power

    multi power Member

    Have you a photo of the chin piece before you started ?
  15. No i completly forgot, :facepalm:
    But the it had been run into so the front was flattened and underneath had 2 deep grooves where link arms had been used to lift so you can imagen roughly
  16. multi power

    multi power Member

    Mine was near scrap, I'm amazed that I got it straightened up and fixed , as you say great quality steel in them panels
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  17. Yes they take a fair bit of hammer beating tough stuff ,but well worth saving cant beat origanal fitment
    I like the 65's and 35's
    Over the 135 and 165 etc
  18. multi power

    multi power Member

    Are you saying tin is not as good on the 100s then ?
  19. Oh no its still good but i prefere to work on the 35/65's etc cant beat the lift up bonnets imo
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  20. A few more of it primed up and a test fit of bonnet also
    20170107_183011.jpg 20170107_183022.jpg 20170109_104735.jpg 20170109_104745.jpg 20170109_104757.jpg 20170109_104812.jpg
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