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  1. We vary our nozzle sizes
    We have larger nozzles in the primer guns i think thats a 1.6 1.8
    Then in the colour and base guns we have 1.0, 1.2 1.4
    Then a mini gun for blow ins which i think is 0.8 0.6 i really like the little gun its so handy for small jobs
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    I use 0.8, 1.3 an 1.7.
    Find 0.8 useful for doing intricate areas around a tractor chassis, injection pipes etc. Prefer 1.3 for general use and tin work, and leave the 1.7 for primer on large parts.
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  3. Well ive been searchi g through some old photos for @CrevisbigX and came across these aswell
    So i though i best share them
    Photo0124.jpg Photo0101.jpg Photo0021.jpg Photo0043.jpg Photo0045.jpg Photo0048.jpg Photo0049.jpg Photo0051.jpg Photo0024.jpg Photo0127.jpg
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    The glare off that paint nearly triggered my arc eye again...

  5. Oops sorry mate
    Will do hahahaha
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    Is it that wet you had to get a boat and now need an anchor?

    I'm off to hide now
  9. When we got it no it didnt but i suspect it should have 1 really but i much prefer them without
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  10. Oh and not tractors
    But i thought i shall share these aswell
    A little of custom fabrication on my offroader
    Photo0020.jpg Photo0005.jpg Photo0077.jpg Photo0079.jpg Photo0104.jpg
    And my other love
    Photo0095.jpg Photo0106.jpg Photo0096.jpg
    And also some of my many other jobs i also do
    Photo0059.jpg Photo0060.jpg
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  11. Nearly gave me a crisis
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  13. Thankyou
    I loved it i had to sell it :mad:
    But she dosnt know ive bought another 1 so shhh ;)(y)
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  14. 1690turbo

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    What did you get
  15. Ducati899

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    north dorset

    Ooooh what you bought?
  16. Another quakasaki shhh though i havnt got it here yet as it needs hiding so she dosnt know
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    You got a panigale then mate?
  18. Ducati899

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    north dorset

    Yep,my pride and joy.... (y)
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    Nice !!! Nothing quite as sexy as that but Daytona 675 se here IMG_3156.JPG
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  20. Are you from near melton mowbray????

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