Sulphur fungicides


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Used Thiopron on sugar beet last year with good results. Anybody use it on cereals? Vertipin been used in Europe and has approval here this year, anybody had any experience of it? Could we use these sulphur products instead of multisite fungicides like Folpet?

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You rated thiopron then? Lots of visible cercospora here despite Escolta and whatever the triazole was that got reregistered in beet


Interesting, sulphur is a blast from the past that dad was using 30 odd years ago.
In my opinion the new old azole for beet is next door to useless so maybe sulphur is the way to go.
If i recall it wasn’t much of a fungicide 30 years ago when the brand name was Thiovit. Maybe like a fine wine it has matured well in the intervening period.


Sulphur very good on powdery mildews, much used on fruit and grape vines worldwide. Most organic apples will have had a surprisingly large number of sulphur applications (though organic growers like to play that down). Used on barley and peas quite widely in olden days - 1970s I believe.

Moderate effect on some other diseases - early researchers on intensive wheat production used repeated sulphur doses but once Azoles appeared the sulphur use dropped.

Research suggests that sulphur will help slow build up of resistance to more targeted fungicides in the same way as other multi-site protectant fungicides. As well as direct toxicity sulphur elicits phytoalexins in crops -a substance that is produced by plant tissues that inhibits the growth of pathogens.

And you get the fertiliser effect so a saving in AS. Sulphur deficiency s the commonest nutrient related disorder in Europe after all.

On the downside air pollution from sulphur dioxide, damaging to lungs, reported in California in residential areas near treated orchards and vineyards, so not entirely safe.


Arable Farmer
How do does everyone who used Thiopron get on with applying it? I was forever blocking full sets of nozzles, particularly frustrating when getting a tank full on before starting combining for the day 🤦🏻‍♂️


Sulphur has good persistence, as it is relatively rainfast and vapour release from the deposit on leaves is what has the main fungicidal effect.

It works well on powdery mildew, but for other diseases, like many products you wouldn't use it alone.

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