1. K

    Jimny Conversion - Anyone done one?

    Anyone done a suzuki jimny conversion to a pick up themselves. Thinking of doing one, anyone got any pictures, hints, tips etc. The good, bad and the ugly please!!! Also anything to avoid when buying a suitable jimny to convert ?
  2. F

    Cooper mud terrains Longevity

    As above, how are the stt pro mud terrains holding up long term? I have an older set on one car doing fine, but dealer seems reluctant to sell me another set as he has had them breaking Up prematurely. Anybody else having trouble with them?
  3. C

    Best Balers - McHale, Vermeer, New Holland, Kuhn

    Looking for advice on choosing between these round balers. We need hassle free reliability with minimum down time. Does anyone have thoughts?
  4. W

    Prince Philip RIP

    Big loss to this country. RIP
  5. reboot

    Isuzu d-max 2.5.

    What are peoples opinions. Reliability, easy to service, mpg etc etc
  6. steveR

    Sheep profits??

    So Gentlemen/Ladies, what are all the huge profits (income anyway) from the buoyant sheep trade recently going to be "invested" in? More sheep Sheds Outdoor flock conversion (more sheep) Tractor/Handlers More sheep New kitchen?
  7. M

    Where can I get these from please

    I’ve no idea what these are called and 20 mins on google has come up with nothing. The diameter is 10mm. They are off a hardtop on a pickup and have a pipe connected to the bottom part to remove any water that’s collected. The top part has 3 springy clips that slot into the hardtop but I’ve...
  8. Henery

    Anyone swapped a 3.2 Ranger fora biturbo 10 speed?

    At risk of starting a Pickup debate ...... as the title says, is the 2 litre 10 speed a step forward?
  9. Clive

    Things that would improve farm safety ?

    This industry has a tragic safety record, what can we all do that may improve this ? lets use this thread for suggestions ? some maybe unpopular with others (I know mine will be !) but surely we can’t continue watching so many loose their life’s trying to produce a bit of food my top 3...
  10. C

    Young huntaway bitch for sale

    Reluctant sale of our lovely pure huntaway bitch, Jess, 19weeks old, fully vaccinated, from working parents, she is almost house trained, good on the quad, pickup and tractor, shown a keen interest in cattle and sheep already, been rounding poultry up too, very vocal. Knows basic commands like...
  11. Farm Classifieds

    Lely rpc445 Tornado

    Lely rpc445 Tornado Advert added by: john hudson Machinery Details Category: Balers Baler wrapper combination Price: £28000 Condition: Excellent Description 2014 lely tornado 20,000 bales,25 knife chopper,2.1m camless pickup,fully automatic operation,can be run on power...
  12. happycows

    Kemper cargo parts.

    Random off chance anyone knows where there’s a scrap one please? looking for some parts thanks
  13. onesiedale

    Best van to tow with.

    Looking for a tidy 2nd hand van (transit type) that can be used for our dairy business, but also needs to be reliable for towing our 1800 litre milk tanker. So really comfortable to tow 2½ tonnes. What am I best looking at?
  14. Farm Classifieds

    CM000029 - 2013 Merlo 32.6 Plus Telehandler

    CM000029 - 2013 Merlo 32.6 Plus Telehandler Advert added by: Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd Machinery Details Category: Loaders and Attachments Telehandler Price: £33750 Condition: Good Description 2013 Merlo 32.6 plus Telehandler, 3200kg lift, 6m Hydrostatic...
  15. J

    Ford 4610 Restoration

    Doing a full restoration on my Ford 4610. Had a few people ask me to post pictures as I go. Obviously needs a lot of work to get it to any acceptable standard. Engine only ran on 2 cylinders, gearbox fell out of 2nd and 5th gear. PTO doesn't work and it has no 3pt linkage/pickup hitch. And a...
  16. Titansofplastic

    Drawbar Guardians

    Happy to introduce our new product, the "Drawbar Guardian". Save money and keep your equipment functional by protecting your drawbar from unwanted metal to metal scraping. Sacrifice our pieces and keep your equipment running strong.
  17. MSW

    Topcon X30 Imonitor Fault

    Imonitor X30 has stopped seeing the receiver . In the light bar at top of screen, the middle led is lite blue constant all the others are off . I have reloaded software and power firmware. receiver and wiring looms all good (system works with another x30) still no pickup of the receiver . I know...
  18. Z

    Under sealing Vehicles

    Just wondering what’s the best product to underseal jeeps/pickups etc from rust and corrosion? Old jeep is up for MOT so want to give it a coat once it’s washed underneath and my new Hilux arrived the other day and have it parked in the garage and haven’t used it yet till I give it a coat of...
  19. 4

    Farm Sale

    Looking to buy a muck spreader from a farm sale about 200 miles away. The sales is on a Thursday and all lots have to be picked up on the following Monday. I having a bit of a job finding a hauler that will be on standby on the off-chance that I do by the spreader. I have asked if I can pick it...
  20. beardface

    Ubco electric bike

    Anyone on here got one or getting one. Thinking it could be a useful addition going forwards.